The one we saw in the fieldThe brilliant achievements in industry
Power saw more depthHave been trying to explore for 19 years
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Reduce the communication cost,Your brand steward

Small steamed stuffed bun brand steward is a focus for the brand to provide efficient and accurate、The housekeeper type enterprise outsourcing service platform。

To explore the small steamed stuffed bun brand steward platform

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Value of identity Win-win cooperation Create a Shared

Three kawada plans to start recruiting city partners program,Through integration of industry chain resources,Think in the Internet grafting Shared economic model。

Instantly know city layout

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Industry planning project

Three kawada teamed up with industry leading enterprises to build international digital creative industry gathering place、The whole industry chain services base、Services and products trading center。

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The strength of the visibleMore than a dozen cross-industry qualifications Dozens of intellectual property rights and patents

New three board listed companies

High and new technology enterprise

Double soft enterprise

Little giant enterprise

Enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise